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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Imogen and ISIS: A Story of Terrorism and Manhattan Apartment Rents
By Jack Mauro
Genre: Fiction, Dark Comedy

Novella, 128 pages.  

A modern and dark comedy combining one woman's struggle to live in a city she cannot afford with a native New Yorker's rather different path. Imogen Curtis - 40, idealistic, and a fool for New York - is thrown in multiple directions as she negotiates with the madness that is securing a place to live in Manhattan.  At the same time, Ahmad Bertesh's personal pain seizes upon the monstrous presence of ISIS as inspiration for avenging himself on a heartless city. Destinies finally collide in a remarkably non-violent way, with a cast of manic secondary characters, insight, and just enough satire to emphasize the crazy of these lives and the metropolis in 2014.

Author Bio: 
After years in the South and several works of fiction set in his beloved Knoxville, Tennessee, Jack Mauro has returned to New York City. He has as well published a guide to Internet dating (Simon & Schuster, 2007), done extensive work for singer/songwriter Carly Simon, and a wide array of national magazine reviews and commentary. Mauro also reviews theater for, when he is not prowling the streets of the town he knows so well and captures in Imogen and ISIS.