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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Homeward Bound: a novella of idle speculation by Josh Greenfield

Homeward Bound
By Josh Greenfield

Genre - Autobiographical Stream of Conscience

A young man sits alone in a public garden contemplating the big questions; the origins of the Palisades Cliffs, cold sesame noodles and his father's mortality. In the spirit of James Joyce, Josh Greenfield, follows the thought process of Jordan Fineman, where ever it leads.

Josh Greenfield is a graduate of both Phillips Andover Academy and Cornell University's College of Arts and Sciences. He holds two masters degrees from the City University of New York, one in History and one in English Literature. He also completed the better part of a doctorate in English at Fordham University. His desire in writing is to tell a entertaining and engaging story, to look for laughs in dark places. He is the author of "The Obsessive Chronicles: a novel."