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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

BOOK BLITZ: A Test of Good and Evil By Yuan Jur

A Test of Good and Evil
By Yuan Jur
Genre: Science Fiction 

Book III in the Citadel 7’s Earth’s Secret trilogy, A Test of Good of Evil continues the journey of Earthling Ben Bloch and his superverse wardens Dogg and Uniss. War is threatening on all fronts, but there is a growing threat to the existence of the superverse itself which, unchecked, has been rising secretly into a force now seemingly unstoppable. The only possible way to save all of existence is far from a clear path, and it promises to tear Ben and his wardens apart in ways they could never have imagined.

About the Author

As a young adult Yuan Jur served in the Australian military. After that, he sought the solitude of monastic life serving the community first as a Buddhist high layman and then ordained as a monk. He was eventually promoted to abbot and theologian in Buddhism’s warrior-caste arm known in the West as Zen. As a senior theologian, Yuan Jur studied many belief systems, doctrines and ideology from around the world, teaching through storytelling. During those decades, he also gained a master’s degree in Chinese martial arts and medieval weaponry.
After a life threatening illness ended his monastic career in 2007, Yuan Jur combined knowledge gained from his decades of study with a love of sci-fi/alternate world fantasy to construct a totally new and immersive superverse experience for readers.


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