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Saturday, August 20, 2016

BOOK SPOTLIGHT & REVIEW: Yeager's Mission By Scott Bell

Yeager's Mission
By Scott Bell
Genre: Thriller, Suspense

After a number of earthquakes hammer the Sierra Madre region of Mexico, Grupo Verdugo, a splinter group of cartel enforcers, takes control of the drug shipping routes through that territory. Caught in the middle, a small orphanage high in the mountains, desperate for supplies to care for the children and the battered earthquake victims, reaches out to Abel Yeager for help.

Yeager and his friend Victor agree to deliver the needed food and medicine. But Grupo Verdugo seems to have a special interest in starving out the clergy and forcing them to bend to their will. They send a man known as the Executioner to stop anyone daring to assist the people.

Yeager and Victor are in for the biggest fight of their lives as they are forced to move forty children, a dozen sick and injured patients, and one feisty doctor out of the mission and through mountains infested with vicious killers.

My Review:

Abel Yeager is nothing short of a bad ass which is why he has been called upon to help some less fortunate folks down in Mexico who have been falling prey to the local drug cartel. Yeager is initially reluctant to travel from his Texas ranch and comfortable life, but he does go and boy, does he clean house. It was priceless how Yeager was a speedy curve ball thrown in their direction. They didn’t see this human force coming their way. Scott Bell brings the action and suspense. The author did a phenomenal job with keeping the adventure rolling. 5 stars!!

Author Bio

Scott Bell has over 25 years of experience protecting the assets of retail companies. He holds a degree in Criminal Justice from North Texas State University.

With the kids grown and time on his hands, Scott turned back to his first love—writing. His short stories have been published in The Western Online, Cast of Wonders, and in the anthology, Desolation.

When he’s not writing, Scott is on the eternal quest to answer the question:  What would John Wayne do?


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