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Friday, June 10, 2016

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Mother Gaia By R.L. Baxter

Mother Gaia
By R.L. Baxter
Genre: Dystopian Fiction

Book Description

4.54 billion years the earth has existed – forming life that has continued to grow and adapt. Of all the species that have evolved, mankind has exceeded the most, from the discovery of fire, to the Internet and advanced machinery. Unfortunately, the hearts of men have changed for the worse, due to greed, corruption and manipulative warfare. As such, the wrath of the earth has been stirred, and its creator Mother Gaia takes it upon herself to end the human race. Bearing the appearance of a beautiful young woman, Mother Gaia will experience the darkest hearts of mankind, with no light in sight. Political – full of scientific and religious contradictions that will leave you questioning your own morality, Mother Gaia is a reminder that nature is a force not to be reckoned with. 

My review:

This is one of the most awesome tales I have EVER read! R.L. Baxter has spun a story that transcends time and space, and I predict it will live on for as long as the human race exists. Which brings me back to the story foretold in Mother Gaia. In a world much like our own, the all of humanity has raped the land of every natural resource, plant and animal, and have consistently through millenia done their very utmost best to destroy themselves, as well. The reaction inevitably is that our earthmother can not stand the cries of the planet any longer and sets out to reset the earth itself. This is a very short (too short in my opinion) story so for me to tell any more would be ruining it for you, the dear reader. Let me wrap this up by saying this is an allegory on Love, and the tragedy of our own selfishness. I will cherish and reread this for the rest of my life. Thank you so much, Mr. Baxter, for having the universal incite to pen such a powerful and beautiful saga. Much needed at this time in our history. Five Stars.

Author Bio

Ricky Baxter is the author of Gideon and the Crimson SamuraiMother GaiaA Sinless Horizon and The Worst Death. He is an avid blogger and speaker, giving advice and thoughts to fellow creators from all walks of life. His other works include Colours of Destiny, a Youtube visual novel.           
Currently Ricky lives in London, England, where he writes and blogs. Starting out as a composer since graduating with a Ba(Hons) in music and multimedia, Ricky worked for many independent short film directors, gaining notable IMDB credits . Since then, he has embraced his earlier passion of writing fictional stories. 

Brief Excerpt:

A single red flower sprouted from the ground, and within seconds the flower grew – as wide as the trunk of the largest trees that exist. Within its centre I am born, bearing the image of an adult human woman. 

The flower blooms, and using these eyes of mine I slowly observe my surroundings, the way a human would. I am within a small forest, kept company by my children that have lived for many hundreds of years. Their branches are long and strong, and their leaves magnificent – housing an abundance of life within and around their steadfast bodies. 

However, their voices tell me how afraid they have become. It’s hard to hear them all at once, but it’s obvious to me what their cries are about. 

Mother, please save us, save us all. They come with their steel devices to mow us down!” 

My children tremble, and they look to me as their saviour against their worst fears. They couldn’t be more correct, for I am their saviour, and I have come at their darkest hour – to save everything. 

My arrival has been long overdue, because I have waited patiently for nearly every last one of my children to turn to me. From the fowls of the air and beasts of the ground, to the very wind, water and earth. All of my beautiful offspring have prayed for so long for me to protect them, protect them against my worst creations – the humans.

Part of a larger family of species that once were, mankind have evolved to become my own enemy. Although they too are my children, humanity has proven itself to be a parasite, and I have no choice but to cleanse my body of their existence.


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