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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

BOOK BLITZ: Trojan By David L. Wallace

By David L. Wallace
Genre: Thriller

Victor Walker’s sole responsibility as Sr. Manager of White House Defense Armament Systems, was to ensure America’s flagship armament servers remained up and operational, to protect against major attacks, both foreign and domestic. His performance garnered him praise for his genius from both the office of the President and the Secretary of Defense.

On the evening of August 7th, a dark cloud overshadowed his otherwise bright and shining existence. Suddenly and without warning, all flagship armament servers crashed – a complete meltdown. Star Wars, Air Force One, Doomsday Briefcase and Guidance Systems were all rendered useless. As Victor raced to ID the root cause of the disaster to avert a non-defensible strike on America, he found something didn’t pass the smell test. Indicators pointed to a rodent on the loose – to a Trojan – to a mole within America’s government that was assisting a hostile enemy.

About David

I’ve worked for over 27 years and continue to do so as an information technology professional for the US Navy, Department of the Navy and various fortune companies. Unable to hold at bay my thirst to create stories, I went back to school and completed the UCLA Creative Writing Program and I now compose mystery thrillers and children stories. My debut mystery thriller titled Trojan, resulted from a worst-case "what if" scenario I envisioned while attending the Naval & Marine Corps Computer Science School at Quantico. Above anything else, the lights of my life are my three children and two grandchildren.

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