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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

BOOK BLITZ: The Dead Dance Faster - Spirit Breaker By Julie Ann Hacker

The Dead Dance Faster - Spirit Breaker
By Julie Ann Hacker
Genre: Horror, Spiritual/Religious Fiction

Book Description

After stumbling upon a misguided trip into her horror-filled childhood in book #1, The Dead Dance Faster - Unsacred Awakening, the quagmire of secrecy and terror continues to unfold. Jael's mind boggles under the dense, manipulative charade of a reprobate, thriller religion. Spirit Breaker takes off where Unsacred Awakening's thrills twisted into a disquieted prologue of what's held within the pages of Spirit Breaker. The intensity of Jude's 'Screaming-Ego' lure has reached Jael revealing the seductive persuasion it wields as it continues to follow her through the next stage of her life.

Moving to Lousiana garners short-lived relief before Thomas Jude and Annalise hatch another conniving plan, which becomes seductively clear to the one closest to her, Shane--her partner, lover, and friend. Jael's thwarted back to Seven Hills, NY, the small town from which she escaped not long ago, and back to her childhood home, uncovering new lengths to which her divorced religion will go. 'DDF' (Dead Dance Faster) and 'Diversus' determinations were only the beginning. The war to keep Jael from freedom, to keep her reeling, to keep her mind imprisoned by fear, has established a battle for one coveted idol. And, the idol's priceless, the most precious--one she will not willingly give up--one to die for. Once she steps into this spiritual realm once again, she may never make it back home.

Allow Pastor Jude's shrouded mind bring to light hidden conjurings of life. Allow Jael's courage to break free and inspire you.

A saga filled with horror, mystery, suspense, drama, fear, diabolical wickedness, truth & love.

Author Bio

Julie Ann Hacker is the authorpreneur of Screaming Ego Books and author of The Dead Dance Faster – Unsacred Awakening, the first book in The Dead Dance Faster series which debuted with 5 star reviews; The Dead Dance Faster - Spirit Breaker, book #2 in the series; and, My Name Is Sacrifice, a short story series soon to be published as a novel, also debuting with 5 star reviews. She will also be releasing a memoir in February 2016, Underground Neighborhood, a true-life story of childhood sexual abuse.

She honed her writing skills alongside a few good people, notably her college creative writing and literature professors. She whetted her curiosity for life and its subtleties alongside her sociology and psychology professors, not to mention through her own life homilies, the greatest teacher of all. Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, Julie has lived her life near the Laurel Mountains where her imagination spurned and twisted stories of intrigue, mystery, and suspense. Taking an “early retirement” from non-profit and religious ministry work, Julie now fills her days writing fiction and non-fiction. When not spending her ‘free time’ with family and friends, she also enjoys reading, knitting, biking, running, yoga and Starbucks. And, she loves to travel when she gets the chance.


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