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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Moonshine By D.C. Hicks

By D.C. Hicks
Genre: Literary, Magical Realism

Book Description

How far would a mother go to save her child? 

Micah Harper was born a free spirit. A ten-year-old befriender of trees and wild animals, she desired nothing more than to spend her days traipsing around the mountain that surrounded her home, unearthing its many secrets. All that changed one summer morning when Evie Delaney arrived. Micah took one look at the unannounced and unwelcomed young girl her mother dared to call kin and knew if they were relation of any sort, an entire ocean could fit between the branches of their tree. 

Summer cast a magic spell, and the two girls soon realized everything that made them different also made them one. As they took refuge in the enchanted forest that harbored their many secrets, Micah and Evie pledged to stay together forever, but cruel forces beyond their control tore them apart. In the aftermath, neither girl was left whole. 

Twenty years later, their paths crossed again. Still different as night and day, one blossomed into up a darling socialite while the other became a queen of the suburbs. Despite the time and distance that separated them, they discovered they needed each other more than ever before. In a race against time, they set off on a journey in search of a miracle. Their only remaining hope was guarded by a legion of demons that were more formidable foes than the wild beasts that stalked the jungle’s night. When all they stood to lose if they failed was everything, Micah and Evie had no other choice but to surrender to a faith that had long ago been forgotten.

Author Bio

After graduating from Ball State University, D.C. married her first-generation Appalachian husband, David. They live in Indiana with their son. When she is not writing, she enjoys lifting weights and hiking.

D.C. loves to hear from readers. You can find her on Facebook at

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