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Sunday, April 19, 2015

BOOK SPOTLIGHT & REVIEW: The Stupid Nerdy Notebook Vol:1-3 by Chris Garrett

The Stupid Nerdy Notebook
By Chris Garrett
Genre: Poetry/Teen and Young Adult

Book Synopsis:

The Stupid Nerdy Notebook is the poetic struggle of a teenage boy trying to understand the world and why things happen the way life intends. With the classical influences of Robert Frost and Edgar Allen Poe and the help of modern music in the Punk, indie, and hardcore genre. Chris Garrett creates page after page of exciting stories in the form of riddles, rhymes and stanzas. We all have battles to face and sometimes the best defense is a pen and paper. 

Excerpt from book:
We ask questions with questions.As if we shield our shoulders from life's nasty daggers.I can't think of suggestions.Believing god's angels were sought and now captured.
Feeling so unprotected.We shiver and shake at the fear of earthquakes.Its not the quakes we fear.The shaking of lonely hearts knowing no one is near.
We slow dance with loved ones.To the last song you'll ever hear.We only punish ourselves for falling in love.Our punishment is for love to quickly disappear.

My review:

In this collection of poems covering a few years, self-publisher Chris Garrett relates his late teenage and young adult experiences. In this awesome little collection Chris pours out his heart over love, lost, unrequited, and found, punk angst, isolation, loneliness, and pain. I find myself returning and re-reading these sometimes sorrowful, sometimes light, and always engaging pieces of prose. Poetry is not one of my most enjoyable things to read, but I really like this book! I give it a very high recommendation as a solid chunk of work from a writer with a strong future in literature in front of him. 

Author Bio:

Rising out of Georgia. Chris Garrett is a natural story teller delivering nerve pounding tales of hope, heart break and moshpits since 2004. He is an independent Author and free lance comic book writer. His work includes the teen angst zine and poetry series "The Stupid Nerdy Notebook" and has scripted short comics for Scairy Tales publishing based out of Atlanta. He is also the Co creator of The Finley's characters and comics along with J.R Mounts that will be printed in 2015 by Scairy Tales publishing. When not writing or being with family Chris enjoys eating Veggie burgers and slaying dragons.

Author sites:

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