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Friday, August 29, 2014

BOOK SPOTLIGHT & REVIEW: The Seed & Other Fairy Tales by Joseph Hillenbrand

The Seed & Other Fairy Tales

By Joseph Hillenbrand
Genre: Short Stories, Fiction, Fairy Tales

Book synopsis:
How do you measure yourself? By family, friends, enemies? By what you fight for? Or what you fight against?

Follow the tales of those struggling to find an identity of their own. A little girl with a ghost as a best friend. A woman who hates wishes. A man lost in the secret kingdom of frog people. A girl at war with her god. And a pair of soldiers on a deadly mission of peace.

The seeds have been sown. The storm is coming. Who will grow and who will drown?

My review:

The Seed & Other Fairy Tales is an exquisite little collection of stories, fables, and powerful thematic illustrations. I would really love to own a print copy of this little book. I feel that a big something is lost in the electronic publication version of this collection.

That aside, I loved this book! The depth and poignancy of each of these short fables is astounding, and each one has its own unique flare almost as if written by different authors! Some dark and sad, others light and child-friendly, and all with the underlying current of Hillenbrand’s personality and character. In my opinion, the books opening dialogue between a boy and his mother had the most potency and really set the stage for what followed. The illustrations (all stunning and colorfully produced by a wide array of artists) accent each story beautifully.

I’m giving the kindle addition of this book four stars, but the content I happily give five stars and encourage readers to grab this book in its printed form if possible. Very nice!

Author Bio: I was born, raised and still live in the outskirts of Chicago. Every few years a move a little further west. Slowly inching my way to California. I love the big sky, the vast plains, the harvest moons of the Midwest. 
I grew up reading comic books and playing G.I. Joe. Watching wrestling and listening to Led Zeppelin. I drew, I wrote, I strummed. I learned Stone Temple Pilots and I read Beckett. I grew and I withered. I have spent the majority of my time in software - from support to development to management. And with my first book out now, I'm trying to get back to my roots: telling stories. 

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