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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good mornin, all! heres a sparkler...

In case you hadn't heard or maybe forgot, a homeless man named 

KELLY THOMAS was beaten by six police officers in Fullerton California 
on July 5th of last year. He died as a result of massive head trauma five days later. 
This despicable incident was all caught on video tape. 

All six (two of which who went all the way to trial) of the supposed peace officers involved were acquitted of any charges, of course. Lame! 

Anyways, the people of SoCal havent given up on trying to find some justice for Kelly within the increasingly corrupt police and judicial system that we all find ourselves living in the land of the free. This is an ongoing call to the citizens of these united states to not forget. We are not powerless, and we do have a collective voice.